My experience 

Teachings by Michèle St Amour are a beautiful wonderful and profound gift that she offers to all of those present . Presented in a simple way, they are very nevertheless powerful and find a profound resonance in me. They trigger very Important awareness essential for finding and connecting to my true self. Each time, I feel my heart and Soul singing in me. Thank you for helping me go forward on my path

Lise Carriere 


Find Your Need

Set Your Topic

Dare to Make that Step

Dare Be That Change

Michèle offers so much in the way of topics she is mastered within it is difficult to do what she does justice. 

What Michèle teaches affects all areas of your life wether it be work related, relationships, health, creativity, success, you name it!

She supports individuals in embracing a healthier way of Being that aligns with everyones goals.