Michèle C. St.Amour

Chakaura™ Institute of Soul

A Clinical & Educational Wellness Centre


Born & raised in Canada, she now travels internationaly to share her unusual knowledge, her professional abilities and accrued wisdom with those guided to her for mentorship and treatment.  

She offers consultations and her unique naturopathic energy services at the Chakaura Clinic. She also can assist you from a distance. She truly believes that the only true way to be healthy amd happy is to know how to access the allopathic and the homeopathic health systems as One whole system. To understand the strenghts and weakensses of each healing system and to be educated in their ways. Her accredited proffessional NEP program emhasis’s the need for harmony and availability of both health systems.

For a more indepth vision of Michèle, her unique gifts and her personal story, we encourage you to read her latest novel, CHAKAURA:AWAKENING THE MUSE which paralells her personal journey.