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Chakaura™ brings together  3 main components for Perfect Health to be embraced:

#1. Traditional Allopathic support (deals with the symptoms of  health issues, the system used by our medicals today) medical science.

#2. Homeo-Naturopathic Remedies and Subtle Energy Treatments the understanding of the physical and subtle energies underlying ALL health issues wether they be physical, psychological or spiritual. This includes the complete science of Psycho-Energetic causes of health issues. 


Chakaura Structural Health; we bring the real science of HEALING INTO YOUR LIFE GROUNDED ON the Science of SOUL HEALTH; the foundation of Perfect Health.

Chakaura Programs & Training

Transformation & HEALTH always starts with the individual! The shifting and IN-Powering of the Mind!

Whether you take our training for personal development, or to promote a healthier workplace environment or to heal some health issues you may be experiencing, or to take control of your life…

Helping You Achieve Your Next Best

Unlock Your Full Potential

Your Chakaura is…

…the Missing Link

 Chakaura holds the Secret; In-Power Your Mind

Ground-IN Change & Perfect Health with us

What is so special about Chakaura™?

Chakaura™ teaches you how to bring Soul back into your life. We are one of the only institutions that understands why so many people are either not healthy or happy, experience anxiety, stress, and zombie states during these challenging times.

What Is Chakaura?

Chakaura is a unified field of consciousness that permits a soul to incarnate into a dimension of matter and have a physical vehicle to interact with a physical world.

Who is Chakaura For?

Anyone wishing to INpower themselves at all levels of themselves.


“I have struggled for years to understand fear and anxiety and how it effects my life daily. I participated in the Chakaura seminar and very quickly began to understand how fear, effects our lives. Michele’s teachings and the tools given to me during the seminar have been very effective dealing with fear and using Michele’s tools has given an immediate results which I use daily. I would recommend anyone who wants live a better life use these programs to make their life better. “

Jim Kelley

The thing I enjoyed the most from the seminar was how to rid ourselves of negative energy and how to temporary stop all thinking. I really appreciate that you broke it down and slowly explained things since this is how my brain works.

Many thanks for the gifts 🙂

Joni Roy

My experience 

Teachings by Michèle St Amour are a beautiful wonderful and profound gift that she offers to all of those present . Presented in a simple way, they are very nevertheless powerful and find a profound resonance in me. They trigger very Important awareness essential for finding and connecting to my true self. Each time, I feel my heart and Soul singing in me. Thank you for helping me go forward on my path

Lise Carriere 


Find Your Balance

Set Your Goals

Dare to Change

Dare Be That Change

 We offer so much it is difficult to do what we do justice. 

Learn how to manage the energies of life on a daily basis.

For individuals, businesses and professional career oriented clients. 


This supports individuals in embracing a healthier lifestyle aligned with their goals.

Contact us and book your personalized session with us so we may guide you to achieve your goals.

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