Her Novel…Chakaura: Awakening The Muse

The Great Awakening; she foretold these times. 

She shares, That the Great Gathering begin…that all discover their modern-day mystic within through the eyes of Angelina.

Michèle shares how her novel,

CHAKAURA: Awakening the Muse 

The Journey of Awakening within a spiritual r-evolution

A woman ahead of her time…

Become IN-POWERED with simple easy techniques, & unusual knowledge 

Her Yearly Energy forecast sharing her vision for 2023

Her Yearly Energy forecast sharing her vision for 2022.

Sneak Peak of …

Full version go to https://vimeo.com/678140333

More by Michèle

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What’s with Emotion?

What’s with Empathy, Super Powers & all that stuff?

Empower versus Inpower

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