Michèle C. St.Amour ~ Teacher, Speaker, Author, Chakaura™ Practitioner, n.d.,

Founder & Director of the Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL 

“I Welcome You to my World…a Place of Magic & Miracles; where anything is possible.



Michèle speaks to leading organizations about the importance of nervous system health, energy management, science of change, and creativity. 

She bridges the gap between the science and technology of external well-being with the science and technology of inner well-being.”


Students share their experience of Michèle Cleveland St.Amour, who they call “Teacher of Teachers/ Healer of Healers“,  and also the founder and director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul. In this short video documentary of “Who is Michèle,” students share their personal testimonials of their time with her and how she has supported and guided them to empower themselves in ways they could never have imagined.


Chakaura™ Practitioner

Naturopath (QC certified)

Chakaura™ Institute of Soul

Founder & Director


Courses & Programs


Testimonials for Michèles Novel Chakaura: Awakening the Muse

“Michèle, I just started reading your book…You said it has a life of its own; goodness the vibratins are huge! (and huge is not the word for it…c’est immense!) I’m only at the beginning and I have all sorts of feelings and I’m leaving my body. Wow Michèle, I don’t know what to say. A ‘mabrouk’ came to me; it is arabic for congradulations and most of all a blessing for this. Thank you!”  

” I knew that book was an initiator! I am experiencing feelings and impressions that I haven’t felt since I was a child that I was not conscious of….I mean they were familiar feelings and I couldn’t tap into them anymore until now. I knew that behind the stories and the words that carry teachings, there was something encoded. Again words cannot reach what I mean, what my mind is touching!”  ~ Safia ( student, January 2017 )

Safia Tounsi

NEP Graduate and Suppport Teacher

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