Michèle is a World Leading Subtle Energy Expert 

It all begins with energy; without sufficient energy you have nothing! Let me show you how!


“Allow me to guide & support you to achieve your next best….”

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Michèle offers programs & training at the highest levels of Self-Development through the Chakaura™ Institute.

Please reach out, and  email us at:

chakaura@protonmail.com with how we can help you!


Michèle’s Educational & Clinical Institute of SOUL

Videos by Michèle


Chakaura Grounding with Michèle

January 2021

Self-Mastery with Michèle’s 

December 2020

Michèle’s Centering Video

November 2019


Chakaura™ Grounding video by Michèle

Created April 2017

Experience Michèle through the eyes of others 

In an interview, Peter Kolassa from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, retired lawyer and self-development teacher shares about his first impressions of Michèle after having met her on three separate occasions.

Peter Kolassa  shares how Michèle St.Amour helped him heal from kidney failure. 

We support ECO-Friendly Projects

We Support

(partial proceeds of Michèle’s events go to support the needs of the following):

Michèle prides herself on being part of projects that help raise awareness of the needs of those less fortunate. She volunteers and supports various foundations and  operate various fund raising activities that partial proceeds go to chosen non-profit organisations that share our mission in life. In the end it is all about heart-centred mindfulness and sustainable living habits.

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