Chakaura™ & Michèle


Michèle C. St.Amour 

 Teacher, Speaker, Author, Chakaura™Health Expert, Practitioner, n.d.,

Medicine Woman traditionally Trained

Master Doctorate Practitioner & Teacher in Psycho-Energetiks of the Initiate Process

Founder & Director of the Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL 

  Founder & Director of  the Chakaura† SEE Project 

Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year, NRC Research Grant Recipient


Allow me through the Chakaura Institute to guide & support you to achieve your next best.” Michèle

She is passionate about helping others acquiring simple yet powerful tools to help them along their everyday journey.

(Above) Her Yearly Energy forecast sharing her vision for 2022.

A Visionary, a woman ahead of her time…

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Guided Mindfulness technique

Chakaura Grounding with Michèle

January 2021

2021 Energy Forecast

January 1, 2021

Self-Mastery with Michèle’s 

December 2020

Michèle’s Centering Video

November 2019


Chakaura™ Grounding video by Michèle

Created April 2017

We support ECO-Friendly Projects

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(partial proceeds of Michèle’s events go to support the needs of the following):

Michèle prides herself on being part of projects that help raise awareness of the needs of those less fortunate. She volunteers and supports various foundations and  operate various fund raising activities that partial proceeds go to chosen non-profit organisations that share our mission in life. In the end it is all about heart-centred mindfulness and sustainable living habits.

Above: Chakaura™: Do Something Meaningful Each Day video