Michèle is a World Leading Subtle Energy SOULHealth Expert 

Everything is some form of Energy; Energy is Life, Health, & Soul..


Michèle C. St.Amour 

 Teacher, Speaker, Author/ Writer, Chakaura™ Practitioner, n.d.

Founder & Director of the Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL 

 CEO, Founder & Director of Chakaura™ Institute and the Chakaura SEE Project Yucatan/Canada

Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year, NRC Research Grant Recipient

“Allow me to guide & support you to achieve your next best….”

A Visionnary, a woman ahead of her time…

Email us at: chakaura@protonmail.com with how we can help you!

Michèle offers her unique Services supported by her natural Medical Intuitiveness as a:

She teaches various Chakaura™ Programs such as:

  • Self-Development Programs ( Bridge The Gap, Journey of Self-Discovery, Step-Up) and…

  • Professional Certified Career Training (NEP) Programs for those wishing an advanced doctorate level of understanding of energy in every-day life and health through the Chakaura™ Institute (www.chakaura.com for details)

Upcoming Programs & Events

Online LIVE

Begins September 10, 2021

Online LIVE

STEP-UP- NEP Program

Begins October 22, 2021


Yucatan, Mexico

Begins November 2021

Private Individuals

Groups & Corporates Couples  Reconnnect


Community Cooperation

Canada & Mexico

Ongoing – Volunteer / Donate

Videos by Michèle


Chakaura Grounding with Michèle

January 2021

2021 Energy Forecast

January 1, 2021

Self-Mastery with Michèle’s 

December 2020

Michèle’s Centering Video

November 2019


Chakaura™ Grounding video by Michèle

Created April 2017

We support ECO-Friendly Projects

We Support

(partial proceeds of Michèle’s events go to support the needs of the following):

Michèle prides herself on being part of projects that help raise awareness of the needs of those less fortunate. She volunteers and supports various foundations and  operate various fund raising activities that partial proceeds go to chosen non-profit organisations that share our mission in life. In the end it is all about heart-centred mindfulness and sustainable living habits.