Michèle’s Novel

Chakaura: Awakening The Muse

Sacred Journey of a Modern-Day Mystic

Michèle received The Prophecy in the year 2001..this Prophecy is playing out today, as we speak..but as she says…”this is just the beginning...”

Read her book..Discover Truths and what you can do in these times of Change..

This changed her life and began her personal journey to Self -realization, discovering her Soul Purpose and her role in these present initiate times.

This novel she wrote, is humanities present story, she foretells of the coming of events and how to deal with them.

‘Angelina, the main fictional character in my novel,  is everyone’s story,” she says, “including my own.”

 This book is being created into a major movie and television series.

About the Author

Michèle Cleveland St.Amour grew up in a Franco-Anglican community. To this day, it greatly influences her work and her unique expression.

Dedicated to a life of service, Michèle offers methods of self-transformation based on ancient wisdom teachings from many sources, including her Aboriginal elders. Not anchored in any belief system, she believes that health is a continual process of staying strong spiritually, mentally, and physically and that we must remain in harmony with ourselves, other people, our natural environment, and the conscious energies of Creation.

Michèle’s passion for life and high energy touch everyone she encounters. Her keen mind and balanced heart help people overcome boundaries that no longer serve their highest good.

Michèle lives simply in a solar-powered house in the Laurentian mountains of Canada, growing a good amount of her own food and implementing a sustainable lifestyle as much as possible in our modern world. She also gathers wild herbs and always plants a wide selection in her garden for various medicinal remedies, in keeping with her Native heritage.

Michèle, a highly intuitive and gifted individual, mentors and guides countless people to self-realization at the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul, a clinical and educational centre where she offers many holistic servces and teaches programs surrounding the principles of natural health.

Her specialty is knowing the Soul, its role, and how to bring soul consciousness to your life experience.

Radio Interview with Michèle C. St.Amour

“Imagine yourself in a world where magic and mysticism are part of your everyday life, a little bit like Harry Potter’s world but that allows you to be transported into other dimensions of reality beyond the physical. Find out more about the story of Chakaura™ by author Michèle . St-Amour, a tale of Angelina’s profound awakening into higher states of self-actualization.”

 ABOVE 2017 ~ Carolyn Myss, International Author and  Medical Intuitive, gifted with Michèle’s book Chakaura: Awakening the Muse, at a VIP luncheon,  comments very positively on the quality, energy of it and that she liked it immensely. 

 A Novel depicting the Sacred Journey of a Modern-Day Mystic

  Immerse yourself in Angelina’s world, where magic and mysticism are part of her everyday life. Angelina was born remembering who and what she was, but at a very young age she asked the “Powers That Be” to let her forget, so that she could relive her awakening in these strange modern times. Then came the fateful day when it was decreed that Angelina must fulfill her destiny.

Her birth right slowly reveals itself as the world is headed to a major global shift of a magnitude few could imagine. Her soul purpose as the bringer of knowledge that could save the world, and avoid cataclystic loss is revealed as her super powers evolve. Join Angelina on an adventure you will never forget….see yourself through her adventures..reveal your own Super Powers as she discovers hers…

 This book takes you on a journey of self-discovery through Angelina’s years of awakening and amazing adventures. She explores the path of mystical initiation in a culture on the brink of cataclysmic change. Her ability to speak the little-known language of the soul and her innate understanding of the sacred feminine energies begin to surface in her search for truth and understanding, as her gifts of clairvoyance, prophecy, and healing take over her life. Her attempts to understand her intuitive nature guide her to many wonderful teachers, as well as encounters with totem animals and spirit beings. Join Angelina and learn through her tale the truths about reality that we all need to know.


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Testimonials for Michèles Novel Chakaura: Awakening the Muse

“Michèle, I just started reading your book…You said it has a life of its own; goodness the vibratins are huge! (and huge is not the word for it…c’est immense!) I’m only at the beginning and I have all sorts of feelings and I’m leaving my body. Wow Michèle, I don’t know what to say. A ‘mabrouk’ came to me; it is arabic for congradulations and most of all a blessing for this. Thank you!”  

” I knew that book was an initiator! I am experiencing feelings and impressions that I haven’t felt since I was a child that I was not conscious of….I mean they were familiar feelings and I couldn’t tap into them anymore until now. I knew that behind the stories and the words that carry teachings, there was something encoded. Again words cannot reach what I mean, what my mind is touching!”  ~ Safia ( student, January 2017 )

Safia Tounsi

NEP Graduate and Support Teacher