Michèle as a Speaker

International Self-Development & “IN-POWERING’ Speaker, Teacher, Chakaura™ Naturo-Energy Practitioner

Won Entrepreneur of the year

CEO, Founder & Director of Chakaura™ Institute, Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year, NRC Research Grant Recipient.and went on the be the only women nominated for entrepreneur of the year Canada that same year due to her ground breaking research.

She is CEO, founder and director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul; an institute of leading edge technology on creating health in the workplace due to the ever increasing issues with NSDS Burnout.

 Michèle speaks to leading organizations and events  about the importance of nervous system health, energy management, science of change, and creativity for over twenty years.

She is a Mind- Energy expert understanding the complexities of a psyche from a higher perception then most.

Michèle’s first book, Chakaura: Awakening the Muse  was published by Chakaura Publishing in 2016. Her book tells of what befalls us when we do not properly understand the effects of an unmastered creative energy; an intuition gone awry.



If you would like Michèle to be a Keynote Speaker at one of your events,

please contact Jennifer at chakauraPR@gmail.com.