Michèle as a Speaker

International Self-Development & “IN-POWERING’ Speaker…

“Change begins in your Mind! That change can only occur when you access  the greatest Power here on earth in the telluric plane…Let me show you what that power is and how! Then nothing is beyond your reach!” ~Michèle

Michèle has been a constant source of knowledge and inspiration in my life.  Samantha J.CEO, Artist, Therapist

Won Entrepreneur of the year

CEO, Founder & Director of Chakaura™ Institute, Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year, NRC Research Grant Recipient.and went on the be the only women nominated for entrepreneur of the year Canada that same year due to her ground breaking research.

She is CEO, founder and director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul; an institute of leading edge technology on creating health in the workplace due to the ever increasing issues with NSDS Burnout. Her trainings are changing lives for the better!

 Keynote Speaker

Michèle speaks to leading organizations and events  about the importance of nervous system health, energy management, and how to fulfill your greatest potential; become all that you can be.

For over twenty years she has been described as an expert of the subtle dimensions of the MIND and has been supporting and teaching people how to manage and develop further their intuitive SUPER POWERS. 

She bridges the gap between the science and technology of external well-being with the science and technology of complete well-being.”

She runs trainings to support people in managing their thoughts so they are in control of what they create; and she teaches tools and techniques to better manage the energies of STRESS and creativity.


She is engaging and energetic. A natural speaker that keeps everyone on their toes. She has the scientific language to explain the complexities of the field she specializes in and after experiencing her vast knowledge, I know why she is recognized as one of the world’s experts in energy and the subtleties of the mind.  Rachelle Burelle

Wow, Michele is a real firecracker!  I don’t know if she even took a breath once she started speaking… she is just so knowledgeable on so many subjects!  She even explained a concept about Love so clearly that I have always questioned!  Thank you so much for the invitation to join!  I have already recommended the recording to a number of my friends!

Lynne Kirsch, Retired Executive, Barrie Ontario

I felt that there is always something new that Michele teaches so even the experienced participants were learning as were people who were joining in for the first time .Of course the Tool taught was formidable – as always, we need Michele to be our leader connecting to other concerned teachers around the world – Big job!

Nancy MacDougall

Retired Executive, Rockland Ontario

I was really glad to have attended the LIVE ZOOM Conference with Michele on Sunday, she was a wonderful speaker and covered topics that are so relevant for these times, I found the information as well as the Tool she taught was so helpful, I have already ordered her book!  Thank you Michele for a timely speak!

Marc Habel

President KoolTech Mechanical Inc.

I got great value from Sunday’s workshop, Michèle is a really great speaker and presenter.  I am glad I attended and plan on using the tool I learned!

Todd Piquette

Financial Security Advisor, Freedom 55 Financial

What a turnout, her confidence in her knowledge of what can help us always astounds me!  I don’t know what she did on that Tool taught, but I had a literal physical experience!

Peter Kolassa

Retired Lawyer, Manotick Ontario

Thank you Michèle for the opportunity to attend on Sunday, it was a perfect theme in the time of our lives!  My husband and I both got great value and I felt the information and Tool provided was just what I needed!

Erin MacDonell

Mortgage Agent, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa

Michèle was a Speaker at the prestigious event hosted by Kathy in Montreal. 

Some Topics Michèle speaks on

 Stress Energy Management, energizing your life, healing your illness  

  • NSDS Burnout.  and how it is our greatest challenge to success and happiness.
  • The MIND: what and where is it? How to manage the mind to IN-power all areas of life
  • Reptilian Brain versus Frontal Cortex in reaching your full potential.
  • How to achieve your full potential
  • NSDS Burnout in the Workplace
  • In-powering yourself energetically in everyday life
  • Neutralizing negative situations and thoughts
  • Nervous system ailments and signs and symptoms this centuries greatest challenge
  • How to manage energy draining situations and people
  • Lifestyle and nutrition for today’s stress
  • What is illness trying to tell us?
  • Anything can be cured naturally; How?
  • What is cancer and illness telling us


Science of Transformation

    • Energy Bindings; our greatest challenge to success, happiness, positive relationships
    • Cosmic versus telluric path to happiness and success
    • Chakaura™; the missing link
    • Chakaura™ Grounding for Life and health
    • Developing your Intuition safely
    • What are Superpowers really and how can you tap into yours?
    • Energy Healing; what is it and why does it work

If you would like Michèle to be a Keynote Speaker at one of your events,

please contact Jennifer at chakauraPR@gmail.com.