Through the Chakaura™ structure, Michèle’s unique Chakaura™ programs and clinical support guides clients to their next best.

As she says,

“It is all about how you manage the energies in your life…your ideas about things, your lifestyle, your activities, your relationships and the choices you make.


Michèle offers consultations live at one of her clinic locations or ONLINE LIVE (virtual).  She practices and teaches her unique naturopathic energy sapproach at the Chakaura Clinics as well through the Chakaura™ traveling clinic in the cities she is asked to visit and teach in. Her most recent clinic in the Yucatan Mexico is where she and her spouse offer unique private or group sessions, short or longterm private retreats in weeklong experiences to those wishing to make the step into sustainable transformational living. (December to May of each year)

She truly believes that the only true way to be healthy and happy is to know how to access the allopathic and the homeopathic health systems as One whole system. To understand the strengths and weaknesses of each healing system and to be educated in their ways. Her accredited professional NEProgram puts emphasis on the need for harmony and availability of both healthcare systems.

 Michèle  travels internationally to share her unusual knowledge, her professional abilities and her accrued wisdom with those guided to her for mentorship and treatment.   

Michèle has the ability and know-how to guide people to achieve their full potential. She supports and guides you through education and technical practices, lifestyle adjustments to access your natural intuitional knowledge in a more conscious grounded way.

Peter Kolassa shares how Michèle St.Amour helped him Heal from Kidney Failure

Peter Kolassa in an interview with his daughter, Jennifer Blake, shares how Michèle St.Amour helped him heal from kidney failure. Michèle is the founder and director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul and teaches unusual knowledge surrounding health, life and true happiness. She his an energy management expert and unique in the field of Chakaura™ energy healing.

Michèle has guided and taught countless numbers of people around the world. 

She has the ability, the keen sense, the experience and the knowledge to pin point exactly what knowledge and techniques you need to know to support your goals.

What is stopping you from being happy, healthy or satisfied with your job, your partner or with life in general?

Are you suffering stress, melancholy or are you fighting an illness? 

Michèle & her Chakaura™ team can help!