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  • Blessings for yourself or someone else
  • Helping a loved-one cross over peacefully
  • A Medical Intuitive SoulHealth Assessment
  • and more….


Video SHARE by Peter Kolassa

Michèle has the ability and know-how to guide people to achieve their full potential. She supports and guides you through education and technical practices, lifestyle adjustments to access your natural intuitional knowledge in a more conscious grounded way.

Michèle offers her services in various roles at different times of the year according to her engagements.

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Please email us at: for more information or to book a session.

Peter Kolassa shares how Michèle St.Amour helped him Heal from Kidney Failure

Peter Kolassa in an interview with his daughter, Jennifer Blake, shares how Michèle St.Amour helped him heal from kidney failure. Michèle is the founder and director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul and teaches unusual knowledge surrounding health, life and true happiness. She his an energy management expert and unique in the field of Chakaura™ energy healing.

Michèle has guided and taught countless numbers of people around the world. 

She has the ability, the keen sense, the experience and the knowledge to pin point exactly what knowledge and techniques you need to know to support your goals.

What is stopping you from being happy, healthy or satisfied with your job, your partner or with life in general?

Are you suffering stress, melancholy or are you fighting an illness? 

Michèle can help!