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Michèle has the ability and know-how to guide people to achieve their full potential. She supports and guides you through education and technical practices, lifestyle adjustments to access your natural intuitional knowledge in a more conscious grounded way.

Michèle has guided and taught countless numbers of people around the world. 

Michèle offers her services in various roles at different times of the year according to her engagements.

See tabs below for some of the services she offers.

Please email us at: [email protected] for more information or to book a session.

“I am so excited and pleased to share with you two supporting services Michèle is now publicly that she has been offering privately for over 25 years.”  Jennifer Blake

Recipients are sharing;

Thank you Michèle, I cannot express how I feel, just very grateful for your blessing and trust all will work out. I have not felt this way for a long time.”

“It was subtle, and yet profound, I felt an overall calm and peace and well-being through my body.”

Michèle Offers Weekly Group & Individualized Blessings


“Words cannot express how deeply grateful we are to have had Michèle assist my stepmother in passing this March, knowing that she was accompanied, and held in such love, as she passed, brought us a deep, immense peace and healing, that is indescribable…


We are forever grateful ..” Jennifer Blake