Michèle has the ability to guide individuals to their highest potential by mentoring and teaching them how to:

 #1. Create a state of ‘being’, that enables limitless potential to bring your energy frequency as high as you wish to go.

 #2. Teach you what it takes to fulfill your highest potential as well as how to transform any negative imprints or patterns that no longer suit you.

Michèle has guided countless numbers of people through individual mentoring sessions, healing therapies, workshops and initiate programs.


Other Services:


* Keynote Speaker

 She is engaging and energetic. A natural speaker that keeps everyone on their toes. She often is asked to speak before corporates and business people since she has the scientific language to explain the emotions and thoughts that create burnout and relationship issues in the workplace as well as at home.

One is not separate of the other… 

To book Michèle for speaking please contact her agent at: chakauraPR@gmail.com


Some Topics 

 Stress Energy Management, energizing your life, healing your illness 

  • NSDS Burnout
  • NSDS Burnout in the Workplace
  • Inpowering yourself energetically in everyday life
  • Neutralizing negative situations
  • Healing naturally in a cosmic way
  • Nervous system ailments and signs and symptoms this centuries plague;
  • How to manage energy draining situations and people
  • Lifestyle and nutrition for today’s needs
  • What is illness trying to tell us?
  • Anything can be cured naturally; How?
  • What is cancer really about?


Science of Spirituality 

    • Energy Bindings; our greatest challenge to freedom and free will
    • Cosmic versus telluric path to happiness
    • Chakaura™; the missing link
    • Grounding for Life
    • Kundalini? What it really is about.
    • Developing your Intuition safely
    • What are Superpowers really
    • The Inner world; pathways of travel
    • The SEERS world: a grounded approach




Services Michèle Offers 

Ph.D/S, N.D.,D.S.H., NE.P.In, 

 What is stopping you from being happy, healthy or satisfied with your job, your partner or with life in general? Are you suffering stress, melancholy or are you fighting an illness?

Pictured to the left is Michèle offering  guidance and support to a participant at a recent Self-Discovery Course.

Michèle has the ability, the keen sense, the experience and a rare soul maturity that permits her to see through the many layers we subconsciously hold that stop us from freeing ourselves from our self-imposed limitations.  

She intuitively and instinctively can pin point exactly what knowledge and techniques you need to know and practice to shift you and free you from your unhealthy daily patterns or your inability to move beyond a trauma, idea or programming. Add to this her ability to reach the frequencies of where all the good stuff of life is found. DARE TO CHANGE!

Michèle will support you to discovering how to dissolve the blocks that stop you from being happy, healthy and fulfilled.

 Michèle is also highly trained in unique Chakaura™ techniques to support your journey to wellness. 


Michèle’s Services (insurance receipts available based out of Quebec; please inquire)  Michèle is a certified accredited by the NAN of Quebec as a Naturopath Energy Practitioner.

Consultation/ Assessment with Michèle 

  1.  One-on-one insightful Guidance & Energy Health Assessment  
  2.  A Chakaura™ Structural Balancing Therapy; restructuring of the energy system or one of many Chakaura™ Therapies.


In person at one of three Chakaura™ Clinics:  

  • 1 Main Street, Suite 300 in Hawkesbury, On Canada ( Mid May to October)

  • 16 Ole Colonial, Grenville, QC (head office) 

  • Chakaura Mexico Clinic in San Benito Yucatan Mexico (November to May)     


Virtual ONLINE LIVE for people living outside her geographical area she offers her services through such avenues such as zoom or FaceTime. 

Duration approx. 30-90 minutes       



#3. Travelling clinic consult with therapy – Michèle & her team come to you!

  Certain pre-requisites apply. Please inquire. Our Chakaura team will come to you if you have enough registrants. Write to chakauraPR@gmail.com and Jennifer, our affiliate will be happy to help you.




Contact us below and we will get back to you shortly. Oshtalo