Michèle shares about her Novel and how the main character Angelina, is everyone’s story today that is Awakening!

VIDEO: Chakaura; the Novel, its Story; Your Story

Michèle shares how her novel, Chakaura: Awakening The Muse published in 2016, is in fact everyone story of awakening the modern-day mystic within.

VIDEO A Blessing For The Great Awakening

Be Inspired…..A Blessing offered to the world by Michèle, an Aboriginal Canadian medicine woman connecting the energies of the Emotional heart in the Yucatan of Mexico to the far north of Canada where inspiration Heart of the earth is grounded. A blessing for Freedom, Unity, and Truth…A blessing for the Great Awakening that is upon us…goes smoothly and be supported by our ancestors, and the Divine in all of us. settings.

ARTICLE by Michèle A World Awakening: the deeper mysteries of lifeInitiation, a natural process

I have taught Chakaura initiate programs and been initiating people to the what Rudolph Steiner labels Higher Worlds  for many years. With a deep unusual understanding of this path, I wrote of this in my first novel Chakaura:Awakening the Muse…