Chakaura† SEE Project

Bringing Soul into Conscious Living
Chakaura SEE Yucatan Mexico

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Chakaura™ has the solution to the global challenge

Chakaura™is the missing link! We understand the root of our present global crisis.

We hold the SECRET to supporting a global positive shift.

The Chakaura SEE Project partners with various initiatives North American Humanitarian Initiatives of which one of which is in the Yucatan of Mexico. Our goal is to support sustainable practices to tackle the many sources of ecological imbalances throughout the world through education, raising awareness of the connection between our way of thinking and the effect it has on our surroundings and helping the world see SOUL in all of LIFE forms…

Take action in actively participating in our conscious raising humanitarian activities.

Ocean Magical Blessed Pieces

Jewelry created from treasures gathered on the beaches in the Yucatan; blessed by Michèle with sacred healing Soul energy on the shores of where all elements meet creating Magic!

Proceeds go to support our ChakauraSEE Project Philanthropic Initiatives. 



‘Ground the World with Soul’ for a GLOBAL AWAKENING through our Chakaura™ awareness raising and community project initiatives.

Our mission supports individuals and life on earth in a natural evolutionary process naturally raising conscious awareness to a balanced sustainable state, grounded with empathy, respect of all life with the heart.

Awareness and behaviour is consequently shifted through resonance. Teacher/ Chakaura:Awakening The Muse Novel

Chakaura™ is a Cosmology founded institute supporting in all its activities a return to balance

on Earth. Our goal is to help the world embrace a paradigm shift to support a return of sustainable conscious living practices.