For Your Interest! Event Highlight

Weekend Getaway

Saratoga Springs, NY

 Sept. 30 – Oct.1


Journey of Self-Discovery

Oct. 7 & 14, 2017


Chakaura™ NEP Initiate Course 

 Begins October 21, 2017

Bilingual Accredited Course


 & Book Signing 


 October 8th, 12 -2PM


 & Book Signing 


 October 11th, 6 -8PM

 Metaphysical Show

Nov. 18 & 19,2017

Montreal, Qc

Drum Making Worshop

JANUARY 13,2018

Caribbean Retreat Getaway

April 2018

A Meditation About Grounding by Michèle

One of the most important frequencies I’ll help you experience so you may connect above and below.



One of the most important techniques to succeed on your spiritual journey

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Two worlds exist within one reality

Discover and explore the world of your inner reality

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Master This Creative Energy

The Muse is the key to living your full potential and to creating the life you want to live

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The Secret of Wisdom

Wisdom is an elusive mistress forever asking us to let go of old ideas that no longer serves us…

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The Science of Spirituality

Discover the energetic structure of popular spiritual concepts.

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Earth Whispering

Earth Whisperers are becoming a rare breed and few people are given the chance in these times of  domestication to hear the earths silence as a Earth Whisperer can.

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Pathway of Initiation, an Alchemical Process

Today the entire world is living through initiations into new conscious realities once accessible only to mystics and sages.

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Depression, The Muse and Soul Loss What do they have in common?

It is the quality and the quantity of our Soul life force that determine our overall health. 

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Personal Boundaries & Gossip

The subject of personal boundaries, responsibility to others and self as well as gossip often comes up as a topic of conversation with my clients and students.

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Radio Interview with Michèle about her latest novel

Radio Interview with Michèle C. St.Amour

“Imagine yourself in a world where magic and mysticism are part of your everyday life, a little bit like Harry Potter’s world but that allows you to be transported into other dimensions of reality beyond the physical. Find out more about the story of Chakaura™ by author Michèle . St-Amour, a tale of Angelina’s profound awakening into higher states of self-actualization.”


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