Awaken To Your Soul Purpose ~ Workshop Day

                                      with author Michèle C. St.Amour,   Teacher of Teachers, Healer of Healers

~ Hosted by The Jen’s ( Jennifer Boucher/ Chakaura™ Practitioner & event planner & Jennifer Blake of Blake Consulting)


Discover how the Science of Soul Numerology Guides You Each & Everyday.

 Learn how sacred geometry is the foudation of all sciences.



WHEN: May 12, 2018


The Manderley Golf Course

5920 Prince of Wales Dr, North Gower, ON K0A 2T0

FEE: promo $150 (+ tax) / Reg. $250

If booked before April 21, taxes will be included in price.


  • Workshop & Manuscript

  • Light healthy lunch,  

  • Resfreshments & snacks.

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VIP Tickets includes:

  • Front row tables

  • Lunching table with Michèle

  • Meet & greet prior to workshop.

  • Personal book signing opportunity

  • Workshop gift package of Michèle’s products & other health products. 

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Did you know that there are two flavors of numerology, of energies influencing all our experiences? 

 Telluric and Cosmic energies, hence two flavors of numerology. Michèle teaches you about the difference of the two and how this is the missing link everyone is looking for to fully have access to their Soul Purpose. Her teachings are grounded & unique.  Her teachings of these sciences are not available publicly, on the internet or in books except through her live workshops. 

 Are you wanting to understand more about where you are going in life or what your soul has fated for you?

Are you wanting to better understand the language of life, those synchronicities and coincidences that you know deep down have more meaning?  

Then this is the workhop for you…

Your life has a specific purpose and the universe is channeling your life in a specific direction. Your soul had a reason for entering your body, for living the life and having the existence that it does right now.

 What makes us so different from one another?

What makes one person wise beyond their years, another driven by power, and another childlike, despite their age?

 Come & discover how your personal soul numbers define all of this and more…




WHEN: May 19, 2018

WHERE: Hawkesbury, ON

Chakaura Institute 

765 Cameron

FEE: promo $150 (+ tax) / Reg. $250

If booked before April 21, taxes will be included in price.


  • Workshop & Manuscript 
  • Resfreshments & snacks
  • Itinerary Doors open at 9h30am  

    Workshop 10 – 3


Doors open at 9h15am  

Workshop 10 – 3

3 – 4 ~ Book Signing with Michèle


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