Who is Michèle & What does she do?

Teacher of Teachers ~

Ph.D/S, N.D.,D.S.H., NE.P.In, 

Students share their experience of Michèle Cleveland St.Amour, Teacher of Teachers,  and also the founder and director of the Chakaura™ Institute of Soul.

In this short video documentary of who is Michèle, student give their personal testimonials of their time with her and how she has supported and guided them to empower themselves in ways they could never have imagined. 

  Naturopath, N.D./  NEP Practioner, D.S.H 


Jennifer Blake of Blake Consulting shares of her personal experiences with Michèle’s magical world; of living, live, Michèle’s mastery of Chakaura™ energy.

” ..through Michèle’s Chakaura™ teachings  my life has been.. transformed in ways I could never ever imagine…” Jen


Michèle’s Novel

Book 1 in a series journeying you through the mystiscal world where the Soul and the secrets of life, success and happiness are found!

This book is based on the author personal experiences.