Join  us as we journey you into another dimension where lovenergy is the vital life force.

  Everyone wants to meet their Soulmate. 

Everyone wishes to have a SOULFUL experience.

  •  Did you know that this special bonding of two souls is not only fated or destined but in fact, created by know-how & accessing the frequencies of the Chakaura™ Soul body?
  •  Are you ready to journey with us in this intensive experiential workshop into a dimension of Soulmating few ever have the joy of witnessing?

For two amazing days, we will share how we came to discover and live the soulful experience as well as the teachings revealed to us through this very experiential journey.

We discovered it was not just about destiny but about a knowing and a doing…it does not just ‘happen’ as some believe; that as individuals we have a responsibility in ‘creating’ it.

Everyone can create a soulmating..with courage and will..and lovenergy…and that special person in your life…with the proper tools, with understanding the boundaries, the dynamics and the laws involved.

PN: This workshop is structured for heterosexual relationships.

  • Soulhugs, soulenergy and soulmating has a science and I will share that science with you.

  • Soulenergy has a structure and I will journey you there for a beautiful Soulful weekend.

  • Soulmating has a way, and I will teach you its sacred path to manifesting a soulmating experience.


Hello everyone,

 I am very excited to share for the first time the teachings of the soul structures, the soul’s needs  for soulmating and its world as well as why we humans are so wishing to have a soulmating partnership.

 Welcome to my world; the world of Souls.

I guarantee you will never see a relationship the same again after this weekend.

Soulfulness is not exclusive to mates and we can be soulful with all our special connections in various unique energies.

 In a relationship, a partner or mate of the opposite polarity, soulmating  is not about sex, it is not just about intimacy. It is much, much more…

  I dare you to go where few have gone before…..

 Oshtalo & welcome…Michèle St.Amour,

Soul Expert, Practionner, & Teacher