Program to Master the Energy of your Chakaura™ 

Discover why and how to better manage your Chakaura™ energies so your daily experiences are empowering instead of draining.
Understand energy vampiric beyond the myth; the science of people or places that draw your energy.

Discover how to recognize and better manage  people and situations that can bind you into ideas or a way of thinking that you do not recognize as your own; those experiences that drain your life force and leave you feeling empty, depleted of energy or discouraged.

Your Journey with Michèle Begins with…

A DAY of Self-Discovery ~ Chakaura™ Energy Management

Learn how to Master Your Chakaura™ Energy, your life force.

Experience some of the Chakaura™ Protocols & Safety Standards  to help you manage your energy in a healthier way in your day-to-day life experiences and exchanges with people and places.

Michèle teaches fundamental steps that empower you in ways you cannot even imagine!  These are Chakaura™ teachings structured for today’s energies!

~ Do people often leave you feeling drained or discouraged?

~ Are you sensitive to the emotions or pain of others? Some call this ‘being in empathy’.

~ Are you often carrying the ‘stuff’ of loved ones, clients or patients? Or taking on others responsibilities that are not your to take?

~ Does your creativity often leave you drained or in a depressive state of mind?

~Are you stuck in a situation and no matter what you do you cannot get away from it?

~ Down and often depressed, feeling burnt out and have no energy?

Then Michèle’s 


are for you!