A DAY with Michèle ~ Self-Discovery Workshop

Introducing the Energy of your Chakaura™


“KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTANDING is the first step to INPOWERING YOUR LIFE. APPLICATION of that on a daily basis is the KEY!” ~ Michèle


Discover why and how to better manage your Chakaura™ energies so your daily experiences are empowering instead of draining.
Understand energy vampiric beyond the myth; the science of people or places that draw & drain your energy but more importantly why and how.

Learn to recognize the source of things that make you sick, tired and feeling yucky; the reason for those experiences and people or places that drain your life force (SOUL)  and leave you feeling empty, depleted of energy or discouraged.

Discover how mastering your Chakaura™ FIELD helps you recognize and better manage  people and situations that can bind you into ideas or a way of thinking that you do not recognize as your own; that in fact are often not your ideas but those of another feeding them to you in such a subtle manner you think they are yours..





 Your Chakaura™ Energy & the secret to developing your intuition and managing your energy.

 Chakaura™ Grounding for Today’s Modern Lifestyle. See how grounding IS the SECRET to Happiness & Success and how once it is mastered creates MINDFULNESS!!

 Your Empathy,  Your Sensory Field. Are you often overwhelmed by your feelings or the feelings of others or overly sensitive to energies, places, or people?  

Are you feeling drained by toxic people and toxic environments?
 This segment will BEGIN to look at the faces of empathy and give you tools to manage your empathic nature.

 Chakaura™ Power The role of Chakaura protocols in INPOWERING you to master and overcome all your Reptilian brain governed responses such as fear, trauma, old ideas and so on.

 Chakaura™ LIFETYLE The foods and activities/lifestyle needed to embrace on a daily basis for full health to manifest. We talk about our coined syndrome that is afflicting 90% of the world population: CHAKAURA™ NSDS©Copyright (Nervous System Distress Syndrome)


Cost $500   9h30am – 3h30pm.  

Where? Quality Inn Corner of Supper St. and Hwy #17 in Hawkesbury


May we suggest you begin Your Journey of with Michèle with…


A DAY of Self-Discovery ~ Chakaura™ Energy Management

 Learn how to Master Your Chakaura™ Energy, your life force

Develop Mindfulness…Through learning Chakaura™ protocols…

Experience some of the Chakaura™ Protocols & Safety Standards  to help you manage your energy in a healthier way in your day-to-day life experiences and exchanges with people and places.

Michèle teaches fundamental steps that INpower you in ways you cannot even imagine!  

 These are Chakaura™ teachings structured for today’s energies.



~ Do people often leave you feeling drained or discouraged?

~ Are you sensitive to the emotions or pain of others? Some call this ‘being in empathy’


~ Are you often carrying the ‘stuff’ of loved ones, clients or patients? Or taking on others responsibilities that are not your to take?


~ Does your creativity often leave you drained or in a depressive state of mind?


~Are you stuck in a situation and no matter what you do you cannot get away from it?


~ Down and often depressed, feeling burnt out and have no energy?


Then Michèle’s Programs are for you!


          What follows A  Day with Michèle Workshop? May we suggest…