Room Rentals at

Chakaura Institute Wellness Centre

Please come and see our large studio rooms for rent.


Our studios are light, airy with simple, elegant décor.


Atmosphere is tranquil, bright and open.


Our rooms are air-conditioned in the warm weather months, and spacious. If you are looking to do workshops, to teach yoga, meditation, or any other health oriented interest, our rooms are available for rent by the hour.

There are four spaces available: Two main studios, at approx. 1200 sq.ft each, a conference/ classroom  at approx. 850 sq.ft, and a spacious private consultation ~ therapy room.

Prices as of the January 1st, 2018

Please note: we also rent on a monthly basis at reduced rates with a yearly committment contract. Please inquire.


  Studio 2 HOURS 5 HOURS 8 HOURS
  #1 Class Studio ( conference/class room)  approx.       850 sq.ft            $60              $100             $150
  #2. Window Studio  approx. 1200 sq.ft            $100                $175             $300


 #3. Skyroom  Studio approx. 1500 sq.ft

(this room also has a back section with 2 sinks

and a counter for workshops that need clean-up or water)

       $120                  $180               $280
 #4. Therapy room          $50                 $125               $150


 Available with room rental

  • 15-20 Conference Chairs
  • x4 ~ 6 foot folding tables 
  • 2 Washrooms ( Men’s and women)
  • Air Conditioned in hot weather
  • Yoga mats (not included in price but available for rental)
  • A cafeteria is also available if needed at an extra cost. Please inquire.
  • Some audio equipment at extra cost depending on availability.


For reservations and information, please e-mail