Caribbean Wellness Retreat


with Michèle  ~ Body, Mind & Soul week long retreat!




 $1,500 instead of $3,500….

Cabana double occupancy (limited space)

7 nights,  8 days, accomodations, activities & most meals included (see details below)



  Caribbean Wellness Retreat

 MAY 3 – 10  or/& May 11 – 18

 with Michèle ~ Body, Mind & Soul week long retreat!

(limited to 12 participants per retreat)


 BODY: We will talk of the types of foods to choose and why; proteins, grains, sugars, meal preps and choices…all topics that will be discussed and experienced first hand.

 MIND: Explore the elements of creation. The winds of change, the fire of transformation, the deep waters of your emotions and the Chakaura™ grounding of the earth.

 SOUL: Michèle will connect you to the soul of things; your nature and all that surrounds you. Her intimate interaction with the dimensions of soul are shared freely and openly during these week long retreats in ways otherwise never heard. 


Michèle will teach about how your emotions when not properly managed creates stress and ways to release that stress that is non serving.

 She will teach you techniques to master your racing mind and help release your accumulated trauma, unhealthy mind patterns and more…

 Learn about your Chakaura and its role in health & happiness.

 Experience the power of your Chakaura™ and how it is the secret to overcoming overwhelming life experiences and stress.

 She will teach you about your energy, your fire and how to use this power to transform that which no longer serves you..

 She will teach you about being present, Chakaura grounding for health.

 Each day will be devoted to an element and its wondrous energies.


 It all culminates with: MAGIC!


 Intimate groups

Enjoy relaxing walks, sun time and personal one-on-one time with Michèle and her team. YOU WILL LEARN HOW EASY IT IS TO EAT HEALTHY AND ENJOY THE LIFESTYLE OF PERFECT HEALTH.


 Your package includes basic healthy meals (Michèle’s own health conscious but delicious recipes)  prepared Seva style (meaning everyone participates in creating):  light breakfasts, light lunches, some snacks & some beverages, 5 light evening meals prepared once again as a group Seva style. Enjoy fresh fish, beautiful salads, homemade dishes and more… ( 3 evening meals are outings at local restaurants not retreat price) Please advise us of any allergies.


 Not Included in retreat cost: Flight ( YOU LAND IN MERIDA, MEXICO – OUR TRAVEL AGENT WILL TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR NEEDS) and shuttle service not included ( we offer shuttle service to and from AIRPORT TO VILLA for a fee extra of $100 FOR BOTH WAYS PER PERSON). Be prepared to eat out at local restaurants for 3 evenings (not included in your price so please plan for this expense.) 

 Local restaurants offer evening meals that are very inexpensive. 

 Join Michèle and Gilles to be energized into fulfilling your life purpose.

EXTRA ACTIVITIES Book a Chakaura™ Soul reading session with Michèle.(extra $). Take time out to rejuvenate and learn how easy it can be to connect to your Soul Purpose!

MAY 3 – 10 WOOHOO!!!  Or MAY 11-18

 The retreats include seminars with Michèle & Gilles as well as other specialist in the fields of Chakaura™ specialty. LIMITED SPACE SO FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. The location changes every winter. Please inquire for our next planned retreat.




TRAVEL: Departure from home to MERIDA MEXICO Friday or Saturday travel (light evening meal included upon arrival)

 Saturday/ Sunday:  Settling in, meet & greet, R & R…

Retreat Activity Days:  Sunday, Monday , Tuesday,Thursday 

 Wednesday: outing day / visit Progresso market, meet the locals, immerse yourself in the Mexican culture, lunch at a local restaurant

Friday/ Saturday: last day, Celebration day, supper on beach, intimate time guidance with Michèle & lifestyle prep with Gilles.

Friday/ Saturday: departure FROM MERIDA TO HOME

  • Most Mornings on beach sunrise greetings plus meditation/centering/ teachings
  • Group meals with discussions surrounding lifestyle and healthy nutrition/ prep
  • Seva – everyone gets to experience communal prepping for healthy lifestyle
  • Body weight resistance training, Kata’s Tai chi on beach, daily inner yoga, & more
  • Afternoons free time/ with reflection exercises (bring a book, relax on the beach, miles of beach to walk, swim in the ocean, enjoy a card or board with with other participants, or simply be!)
  • Communal meals, SEVA activities
  • Movie nights
  • Michèle’s Surprises!! Don’t even try to guess, events and activities just pop up!!! 




 Spiritual nutrition & REAL FOOD

  •  Daily Meditation & Mindfulness Practices, SunGazing, light exercises, and/or Inner Yoga on the beach
  •  Learn new self healing energy techniques &  Self-discovery teachings. THIS IS A SEVA EXPERIENCE! Everyone is part of the experience.

Learn how to prepare meals that are simple, easy and fulfill all the nutritious needs of today’s society.

Activities with the Chakaura™ team such as outings to the local sites, a visit to the local village, &  a surprise only those that come will know!

Afternoons will be relaxation time where you can soak up the sun on the beach, read a book, enjoy a session with Michèle, get a nutritional consult with Gilles,  or participate on beach sport activities.

The importance of taking care of your body, your Soul vehicle and why this is first & foremost priority


Caribbean Wellness Retreat Locations

Casa’s of choice pictured below…our retreat location…Right on the beach. g to sleep to the ocean winds and sounds of the waves..grab a coffee and watch the sunrise from the beach. Greet the pelicans as they fly by each day in formation. Simply BE for a time & rejuvenate.

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