with Michèle C. St.Amour 

Join Michèle & her team as she re-acquaints you with the sacred feminine slumbering deep inside your womb.  

 Michèle teaches of the ancient & sacred mysteries and one of her great abilities is to help women become more aware of the latent powers of transformation and creation they have access to. She teaches you how to empower every aspect of your lives by BEING in your power centre. 

 Women have lost touch with this sacred energy and this retreat is about bringing women back to their power source and understanding its true nature. Women’s power is not aggressive or based on male energy; it is soft & subtle but the greatest power on earth.

 Men & women are the same except in this one aspect; the energy of creation. It is the only thing that is exclusive to women.

Are you living in your Female-male? Did you know that this habit is adopted by over 90% of women which eliminates energy space for a mate in your life? 

Learn how to re-balance the feminine and male polarities within you so you may be in your full Soul power! Learn how this is the foundation to happy, long-lasting relationships.

  The Sacred feminine must be recognized  & manifested for happiness and joy! A weekend full of surprises and life changing teachings with Michèle St.Amour & special guest speakers. 



Michèle C. St Amour  

 An Earth Whisperer~ 

Those that have come to know Michele and her ways intimately have dubbed her as a Earth Whisperer.  The natural  gift Michele has been given as a earth whisperer is as complex as Mother Earth. But above all, her gift of hearing mothers earths messages includes her dedication to teaching and speaking for Mother Earth.  Michele speaks to us while the earths whispers her messages.

Michèle welcomes and mentors any who wish to discover this lost art of becoming. Her teachings include  sensing of the various medicines of earth such as plant & animal medicines, gemstones medicines being the wisest and oldest teachers,  the Elements and their role in earth whispering and communication. She runs Initiate programs with their main goals centered on self-empowerment through knowing, experiencing and continued practice.   She offers Earth Whispering Walkabouts that allow you a hands on experience of earth whispering. She speaks the language of her  Aboriginal Ancestors and shares as well as guides those ready to remember.

Join Michèle for this amazing Soulful weekend of Earth Whispering!

Her courses as well as mentorship programs will help you discover and birth the Earth Whisperer within you.

Soulful Earth Whispering always plays a role in these retreats.

Earth Whisperers are becoming a rare breed and few people are given the chance in these times of  domestication to hear the earths silence as a Earth Whisperer can. A Earth Whisperer is someone who has great sensitivity to nature, to his or her environment whether it is wild or domesticated. The processes of  life is a natural instinct to an Earth Whisperer, understanding the workings and interaction of the Elements, the Earths energy lines, its waterways, the cycles of nature, its seasons as well as the cosmology of the all. They speak the language of nature, hear and sing the Earth Songs, they are one with our nature earth.

Earth Whispering is about walking smoothly in grace and in respectful consciousness upon Mother Earth. An Earth Whisperer hears and speaks the language of the winds as it blows its messages of what is to come.  An Earth Whisperer feels the heat of the fire and knows its true purpose is to cleanse and fire rebirth.  They know water is the greatest medicine of all and flows with purpose just as Earth is the womb of Life.  The heavens carry the whispers of memories of times past and the prophecies of times to come.  All this is known to them and is apart of a Earth Whisperers complete exsistance.