Chakaura™ Introductory & Advanced Initiate Program

PROGRAM OUTCOME   A person’s personal daily life becomes positively transformed and empowered as a bi-product of the Chakaura™ programs as you begin to understand how your life is being created from behind the scenes in your invisible inner world.

 This training is focused on how to recognize & will develop your own natural and inherent gifts. This training is a transformational path that benefits all. The training is a combination of gathering information with our left-brains – we describe as learning the Science of Transformation & Spirituality as you learn to tune in to the inherent intelligence of your hearts, intuition, and creative energy; your muse. 


One of the most Empowering programs you will ever encounter! I guarantee it!

~ Michèle


CAUTION: Not for anyone afraid of change!

Master Your Energy System ~ Chakaura™ Initiate Training Programs 


 In order to create a space that is safe and offers a maximum potential for a person to become all they can,  with the least resistance or suffering, there are crucial Chakaura™ teachings a person must learn and practice. The Chakaura™ Institute of Soul is the only school of this kind with these structured programs in the world!


This course is the only one of its kind

 Empower yourself and in the process you can empower others around you. 



WHAT IS THE INITIATE PROGRAM ABOUT?   You learn how you are an ‘energy being’.  Learn how to recognize all the subtle parts and experiences that create who you are, why you think and react the way you d. Learn how to create and know what needs changing in you and around you. Learn to recognize how you are responsible for creating your life experiences


 The Power of change is in your hands! We teach you how!


  • Are you struggling with your finances?
  • Are you looking for a better relationship with a partner, at work or your friends?
  • Do you wish to better understand your gender and why you feel the way you do?
  • Are you suffering health issues that are not being properly addressed by your current health care system?
  • Are you feeling a need to expand your horizons or are you disatisfied with life and wish to move forward?
  • Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or a victim of life?


Then Our Initiate Progams are for you!


Learn Tools to master parts of your Chakaura:


1Empathy/ emotions; your sensitivity to others, & your environment. Stop being a victim to life circumstances!       

2. Intuition    Learn to recognize all the facets of intuition, its science and how to develop it.

                        CAUTION: a side effect of our training is your subtle senses (some call super powers) will develop in each a specific manner.    

#3. Master Your mind    Ideas that no longer serve your highest good will be recognized and you will learn techniques that reboot your mind computer to ideas that better serve you.      

#4. Energy Levels Learn how to bring your energy levels up or down depending on your needs. Everything is about thefrequency you vibratein orattune yourself with. Are you a negative or positive minded person? How does this affect you and your daily expriences?

Do you wish to know how self-healing works and how to master your mind & thoughts, your emotions and become aware of the dimension of your Soul?

 #5. Learn the Science of Spirituality. Everything has an inner science (spirituality) and an outer science (logic). We are the experts that can offer you a grounded and balanced understanding of all that creates you, your thinking, your emotional state and your energetic frequency. This isthe end determines how well or not you will succeed in all avenues of your life!




PROGRAM GOALS    In the Chakaura™   Initiate programs, we reveal to you a conscious relationship with your inner world. Chakaura is committed to helping a new generation of people become properly trained with the necessary Chakaura™ Protocols and Safety Standards (unique to us) of energy & communication exchange which is part of everyone’s daily interactive experience. without these we create unconsciene bindings, ‘deals’ per say and obligations that often do not serve our highest good. 


  • Ever feel drained by a person or place after being with them?
  • Ever feel a need to avoid a person or a place because they or it left you with a bad feeling?
    • Are you already in the health care proffession and wish to offer family, friends and community a more balanced holistic & allopathic approach to their health & lifestyle needs? Our world is in desperate need of well-educated individuals.
    • Do you wish for your current proffession to become a better servce or maybe you feel the need to take the next step?
    • Are you currently practicing a healing modality and wish to move forwrd into higher frequencies? This is it! We guarantee it


This all occurs at the Chakaura level of your self; of which we are the expert

NEW! Two Choices of structures to meet everyone’s needs!

The Chakaura™ programs teach you ways to support deeper fulfilling relationships with yourself, with others and

your environment by learning the language of your inner intuitive nature.


What we suggest as a first choice!

The Chakaura Advanced Initiate Program

Master the energies in & around you!


This program is First & Foremost the most Advanced Self-development Program in the world with the

bonus that it is structured for maximum learning experiences within a clinical format. So if you can,we suggest you begin atthe top!