FAQ ~ Facts & Questions 

Exerpts from an interview with Michèle

Michèle, define mysticism as you see it.

I will answer this with the words of a true mystic,..Why re-invent the wheel?

“Mysticism is an outlook on life. Things which seem real to the average person are unreal in the eyes of the mystic.  

People think a mystic means a dreamer, an impractical person who has no knowledge of worldly affairs. But such a mystic I would call only half a mystic. A mystic, in the full sense of the word, must have balance. They must be as wise in worldly matters as in spiritual things. People have had many misconceptions of what a mystic is. They have called a fortune-teller a mystic, or a medium, a clairvoyant, a visionary. I do not mean that a mystic does not possess some or all of these qualities, but these qualities do not make a mystic. A real mystic should prove to be an inspired artist, a wonderful scientist, an influential statesman. They should be just as qualified for business, industry, social and political life as is the materially minded person.” ~ Inayat Khan, Sufi mystic

 What does Chakaura mean? 


Chakaura is one of many structures of the Soul. It is the container that is responsible for a Soul to exist and it also plays the role of connecting in a physical body. Soul in fact is encapsulated Spirit. The Chakaura is what creates Soul to be able to experience the physical world and have a mind as we know it; the vehicle that creates the I AM experience. ” Michèle answers.


 Is it the energy body then?

 “Not in the way most people understand. Western society have very little true educated knowledge of the subtle systems of man. The world at large is not versed in the intricate details or have taken the time or have the resources to become truly educated in this.  This truth is witnessed by mostly all the present spiritual practices that are incomplete and distorted. So I will answer in layman terms for the more complete answer lies in a language few in the world truly know. To know this language, a person must follow a course such as our initiate one to first learn the language through experience the teachings.

The Chakaura itself exists as part of but also above the energy body; when I say above I mean at a much higher frequency and hence is its own entity. Each stage in man has a section of frequencies which determines its expression.” ~ Michèle  


 Please elaborate on this other’ language you refer to?

This is the foundation of what I teach at the Chakaura™ Institute in our programs. Before a student can master their inner world, they must learn the Chakaura™ language.

My teachings offer a very different approach then most spiritual practices because I ground them in high unusual frequencies from the cosmic energies and on a science of Chakaura™ protocols few people know or understand. In fact, I have not yet found one like it in the world except that I see the great mystics of past had achieved the Chakaura™ mastered state of being so must have some training in what we teach at Chakaura™.

Some belief systems and practices have hints of it but it is like this language has been scattered in bits and pieces around the world. Chakaura is a unified version of all these and I feel the original state/teachings from hence we are sourced from. It is the school before cultures or religion began to interfere with human limited interpretation of what spirituality and the inner world of man is about.

 This language (meaning processing from a different set of laws then most) is not new, but most probably the oldest but only ever sourced by a few at one time. It was not its time to surface in past; to few were ready for it. Everything has a time to surface; now it is time for the Chakaura™ language to surface. It coincides of course with the Great Awakening process. Our journey of remembering. 

 How would you describe these stages of man you speak of?

 In layman terms I would describe man as having three main sectors. The physical body, the subtle energy body and the Soul body of which Chakaura Institute is the world experts of.


Can you talk more about the differences between the physical, energy and soul bodies

The energy body is a bi-product but an integral part of the Chakaura. The energy body is created by the chakaura™ and could not exist without the chakaura; but the chakaura can exist without the energy body. 

 The only reason we have an energy body is because the soul wishes to experience a physical world.

The energy body is a step down in frequency since the physical body could never sustain the high frequencies of ressonnance of the pure soul. The energy body is the go-between let’s say, the medium between two worlds: the inner (subtle) and the outer (physical). But the energy bodyhas more to it thenthewestern world is educated in. The western world has very elementary knowledge of the energy body whereas at Chakaura™ we teach a very doctorate university level of knowledge and training of the inner world workings and such.


 You often speak of the Science of Spirituality? Can you elaborate?

 Man experiences one reality but from two worlds; two perspectives. The outer meaning he is looking out from himself into a world of matter, of physical manifestations where the laws of mass and time govern his thought processes. And then man has an inner perspective; a world that is completely experiential and can only be verified by experience and repetition in that experience where the laws governing this wolrd has no time or mass. 

 The science of spirituality is learning how to apply a series of laws that connect both worlds and are what is sourced from the one reality; the Source as some may say. 

 Science is simply a system of mathematical codes allowing us a comprehension  from the logical thought processes of man to understand the inner invisible world we all are very aware of. Spirituality is simply a word describing this inner world. Science offers us a logical understadning of ourselves while spirituality offers us the intuitive one. Both the sme but simply different processing programs

 Science in itself is fairly new, and man created it  as a new language to allow us to express understanding of a inner process that has no form.It is governed by laws beyond a time continuum of form.