Welcome to Chakaura.

We have various events running throughout the year.

These are listed at the bottom half of our Home page.

Please note that we have our Chakaura events and we also host others. 

Things to know when participating in some of our more energy related events.

Some rules for chakaura events:

1: No recording devices allowed during the event.
2: Refrain from using perfumes or colognes at the event.
3: All cell phones must be turned off during the conference.
4: Please wear loose comfortable clothing.
5: If you feel that you are sensitive to subtle energies please sit on the outside perimeter.
6: You cannot bring noisy medical equipment into the event.
7: If you have a persistent cough you will not be permitted to attend the event.
8: Children under 11 years old are not permitted as we are not setup for young children.