Depression, The Muse and Soul Loss What do they have in common?


We are constantly saying, ‘I have so little energy today!, I am so tired.  I must be coming down with something” or “ I am so energized today! I could go all day! I feel so good!” When we are depressed, we feel unhappy, unsatisfied and we have no drive or willpower.  When we are high, we are happy and gratified with Life and we are driven and inspired.

This energy is our soul life force and it affects our moods when it is down. I call it our Muse, that creative force within each one of us. The health, quality and quantity of this energy, determines our overall health.  The mental, emotional and physical body will not function without the appropriate fuel.  The fuel that fires our spirit is described in many ancient traditions as the Breath of Life, chi, Prana.

Did you know that most disease begins with a lack of energy, vital life force and that this energy comes to us directly from our Soul?

This energy moves through all life forms and can be described as the Essence, the Soul of life. When this spirit fire, our Soul energy is mismanaged and becomes low for a prolonged period of time, we develop symptoms of burn out, depression and eventually illness.

Did you know that the Soul can and will detach from your physical body with traumatic life experiences or from neglect and this is the beginning of disease? Soul loss is directly related to ill health and can begin with burn out and depression. The Chakaura Structural balancing Therapy is a rare treatment that returns soul loss, allowing a person to reconnect and rekindle their soul force so they may heal and embrace health once again.

The mismanagement of our Soul energy, is also the beginnings and base cause of all the mood afflictions.  Many people believe these mood disorders are incurable and can only be managed with the numbing anti-depressant pills they are told to take.  Anti-depressants are the quick fix, sometimes needed when things go to far, but definitely not a long term cure or acceptable way of life.

Someone who suffers from depression and worse are simply suffering from an ongoing long term mismanagement of their life force, a disconnection of their soul, which can be easily corrected with proper self knowledge, discipline and energy management.  Stress is the driving force and Lord knows our society has plenty of this each moment of each day.  The world outside of us is a direct reflection of what is going on within each of us. Simply put, it has to do with fuel\energy consumption and management.

Depression is not something you are stuck with for the rest of your life.  It is not incurable.  It is simply a mismanaged life style,  that with proper education and daily practices, and proper nutrition can be rectified, balanced so that Perfect health can be present.

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