Chakaura™ ENERGY Protocols Program

Great for anyone working with people that wish to manage the energies in & around situations and themselves! 


Basic Chakaura™ Protocols and Energy Safety Standards taught within a clinical/public/work oriented setting that brings you a direct experience of what is going on daily in your life with your mental and emotional exchanges.

  • Do people often leave you feeling drained or discouraged after spending time with them?
  • Are you sensitive to the emotions or pain of others? Some call this ‘being in empathy’.
  • Are you often carrying the ‘stuff’ of loved ones, clients or patients? Or taking on others responsibilities that are not your to take?

Discover why and how to better manage the energies generated then how to better manage these so they are empowering instead of draining. Understand energy vampiric beyond the myth. Discover how to recognize and better manage binding people and situations; those experiences that drain your life force and live you feeling Soul-less.

This training program is for:

All types of Health Practitioners, health care workers, therapists, coaches, instructors, teachers or students in the field of Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, or any other human interactive oriented type of activity where you have exchanges with other people and you wish to master these so they are not draining or dis-empowering.  IN fact, it is for anyone having direct or indirect contact with people that wish to neutralize the negative bi-product of situations such as like anger, frustration, feeling drained, overwhelmed or aggressive reaction that often ensue.

Learn the laws of energy management in your interactions with people and places. 

We often train nurses, doctors, physio-therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, people in health care services of all types, speakers, artists, and more in the Chakaura Protocols and Energy Safety Standards. They all testify that it has made them better at what they do, less stressful with more energy left at the end of the day or a shift. They have also shared their once negative feelings towards their job has also shifted since practicing the Chakaura™ Protocols. They are more centred and present and their performance record has improved 10 fold. 

Does your work drain you or do some of the people you encounter in a day leave you depleted and tired or sad and depressed? It is not about you, the place or the person but about what is in fact happening behind the scenes in your Chakaura™ energy field. In the end, it is all about energy and understanding the science of the human energy field that we are constantly using each moment of our life.

Come empower your daily life and learn a new way of understanding what is really shaping your everyday experiences. Learn techniques to better manage these and end your day in a happy way.

What exactly does this Program Teach you?


Through resonnance and the practice of Chakaura™ techniques, you will be attuned to the higher Chakaura™ frequencies so you may better access positive health, better handle stress, have stronger boundaries, be less susceptible to outside negative influences  often encountered in health care systems and services.

 Be less reactive and maintain a neutral attitude when dealing with negative self-talk, other peoples demands or invasive words or actions.

Learn how to ground yourself for any type of situation so you do not get ‘derailed‘ as they say, which in the end makes you vulnerable and saps your limited energy.

 Learn how to speak up in a non-aggressive manner; learn how to neutralize any aggressive or negative situations you might see coming or get pulled into. 

Are you overly tired , over worked and over stressed? Then our Chakaura™ Protocols and Chakaura™ Safety Standards will help you better manage your vitality, your energy,  and that of others, and your time, so in the end, you are in a much healthier, energized state at the end of a day.

Learn how to be grounded and how to ground others. learn how to bring your energy up as needed or when faced with someone who needs energy, how to help them without giving them your energy that can be very draining and unhealthy.

Learn how to neutralize any negative habits that takes up too much of your energy and time.

Learn how to recognize words that psychologically drain you due to their unconscious programmings. Learn how to choose uplifting and energizing words in communication and in self-talk.

Learn how to cut those energy draining ties with places, ideas and people that no longer serve you especially after a client one on one session.

Learn how to manage the bindings created when you interact verbally or energetically with a person, a place or a group. 


A Bonus Side Effect of the Chakaura™ Practices

Your energy levels will begin to rise and the quality of your work will increase accordingly. As a health care practitioner or instructor, you will notice your sessions with your clients/students are more powerful with much greater positive results.

As a doctor or nurse, you will feel less side effects from stress and learn tools how to maximize your energy throughout the day. 

This program is about teaching you what goes on energetically behind the scenes and how to use this knowledge in better managing your energy and the energies around you. “Energy management” is the key to health, Happiness & Success!


Program Part 1  ~ Begins March 2019 

12-16 classes

in bi-monthly or monthly sessions depending on location

Online live support class midway between classes. 


Fee:  Please inquire Depends on format presented & location.

 Begins at $3,500 (+tx)


Includes basic material

Group Format


Course requirements


 Part 1 to 4: Course Materials: Some books will have to be purchased, and the usual supplies for a course. We will supply a full detailed list upon inquiry.

 Part 3 & 4 materials for interactive exchange in a clinical exchange, a private space to practice your techniques at home, a massage table at home you can travel to class with, basic Chakaura™ natural product emergency kit ($250 – 500)  to be purchased at the school), some books, and the usual supplies for school. 

 Assignments: average is 1 hour a day depending on assignments and week and practices between classes.

 There will be an online live chat midway between classes.