Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL (System of Universal Love)


If you are new to the path of self-discovery and the world of subtle energies (your inner world of emotions, thoughts, your Soul and Spirit)  Chakaura welcomes you to discover this inner world that delves inside you as your thoughts,  your dreams, your emotions, your empathy, your intuition, your ideas about things and your belief systems.

 Michèle has a deep understanding of the science of spirituality that enables her to explain and hence develop holistic practices ,techniques & programs for the needs of today’s society which are different from the past. Her programs are structured for our times to do exactly what is in a students best interest.

What people do not understand is we can never go back and this also means practicing spiritual activities in the old ways. They were created for the people of those times in another era and energy that no longer exists today. 

 A true teacher understands this and has mastered the realm of subtle energy so hence knows how to structure spiritual and energetic practices for the needs of this generation and era that are safe and healthy. ” Michèl





 We Welcome You to the

 Chakaura™ Institute of  SOUL




We are a Natural Health Clinic & Wellness Educational Centre known as pioneering leaders in our field of Naturopathic & Energy Services and Education


Learn how to recognize how your energy body and its frequency level is the key to health & happiness. The vitality (frequency level) of your energy system determines your physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

 We help you recognize which thinking patterns no longer serve you (bring your energy down/ drains you) & how to shift these thoughts to a more positive empowering way to better serve your goals in life. It all begins with the MIND.

Learn Chakaura™ tools to master and manage your thought, your emotions, your Empathy, your Intuition, and how to bring your energy levels up or down depending on your needs. We teach what Perfect health is, proper nutrition of body, mind & Soul; how self-healing works, and  how to become aware of all the dimension of your existence right up to your Soul.

Chakaura is dedicated to the wellbeing of People, Animals and the Planet For over 10 years, Chakaura has been dedicated to the wellbeing of people, animals as well as the planet, respecting our inter-dependancy on each other and teaching sustainability for the health of all. Chakaura wishes to provide experiences which teach and integrate body, mind and Soul, bringing balance to all other aspects of your life that make you whole, happy, wise and fulfilled.



What separates us from other wellness centres, schools and teachers in this field?

Michèle’s (our founder & director above) programs are unique in that she has the high energy, the knowledge and ability to tap into unusual realms of consciousness in order to have a soul view of a person’s needs. Her ability to structure programs that are needed in our present times helps her offer grounded concepts with a balanced logical & intuitive approach to life.


Whether you enroll in the Michèle’s programs for personal transformationand/or self-healing, to better manage your daily stress, or the events and people surrounding you or to become a professional Accredited Chakaura™ Practitionerin Naturopathic Energy modalities,  the Chakaura™ Institute of S.O.U.L. offers you programs that empowers your life



This journey we offer you through our services, courses, and programs will positively empower you in ways you cannot imagine.