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on January 9, 2017
This is one amazing book! I was sad to see it end, as it sure awakened my Muse. The author has opened the door to a mystic world of answers that I am sure many of us have and wish to unveil. As I hunger for this “Awakening” in the spirit world and of my soul, it was as though I was reading my life and yearnings on answers and questions I may have had and now I KNOW. I am so looking forward to continuing my journey at “Chakaura Institute of the Soul”. Congratulations Michele on your book and thank you for reaching out to us.
on November 21, 2017
I so enjoyed this book. A magical and mystical world unveils that is a part of each persons reality if we only pay attention. The author obviously knows of things mystical and wonderful. I can’t wait for the second book to be published! This is a must read for everyone! The author also has a video book trailer f you want to see more. I added the link for the video so just cut and paste it into your browser.
Just wonderful!!!..definitely look for a movie to come from this! I sure hope so!
on July 31, 2017
What an amazing book to discover, read and re-read as it has multiple layers. It help me understand, realize and answered many questions. I was kinda sad to see the end of this book but, fortunately I heard that a second will soon follow. I highly recommand this book. Take the time to read it, ingest it, digest it and re-read it. 5 thumbs up!!

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Michèle, I just started reading your book…You said it has a life of its own; goodness the vibratins are huge! (and huge is not the word for it…c’est immense!) I’m only at the beginning and I have all sorts of feelings and I’m leaving my body. Wow Michèle, I don’t know what to say. A ‘mabrouk’ came to me; it is arabic for congratulations and most of all a blessing for this. Thank you!”  ~ Safia ( student, January 2017 )

” I knew that book was an initiator! I am experiencing feelings and impressions that I haven’t felt since I was a child that I was not conscious of….I mean they were familiar feelings and I couldn’t tap into them anymore until now. I knew that behind the stories and the words that carry teachings, there was something encoded. Again words cannot reach what I mean, what my mind is touching!” Lyne, student

“I am almost finished your book.  As I am reading, I see the words playing out like a movie  The book is very interesting and now that I am almost done this one I hope your busy on number two.. Thanks for the insight; take care xoxo.”  Amy! (client & friend)

Official Review: Chakaura: Awakening the Muse

Post by kimmyschemy06 » 04 Jun 2017, 10:42

[Following is an official review of “Chakaura: Awakening the Muse” by Michèle C. St.Amour.]

Chakaura: Awakening the Muse, Sacred Journey of a Modern-Day Mystic is a mystifying novel written by Michèle C. St. Amour which parallels the author’s own spiritual awakening.


Angelina comes from a family of healers and seers. She grows up with special abilities she does not understand like knowing things that will happen in the future and seeing things that other people do not. She learns, eventually, that she is born with full consciousness and completely aware of her purpose for coming into the world but asked for this awareness and for her memories to be taken away. She chooses to grow up in ignorance as she believes she has a lot to learn from this new era.

She studies under different teachers and meets and befriends other mystics though some are not as powerful and as talented as she. As her abilities surface, she encounters other mystical beings like the Earth deva and the Wolf Woman and experiences various mystical phenomena like levitation and precognition.

Told in the first person perspective of Angelina, this is a bewildering story of an extraordinary woman’s spiritual awakening as she rediscovers her gifts and the extent of her mystical powers. The author uses casual words in conversational tone to make an otherwise esoteric subject easily understood. She keeps the book interesting by introducing Angelina’s powers one by one which include communing with and commanding the elements, ability to influence the weather, ability to time travel, communing with Earth-bound spirits among others.

Michèle C. St. Amour successfully uses flash backs to pique interest and entice the readers to keep on reading and join Angelina in her journey to self-discovery. Despite her mysticism, Angelina is a very relatable character with her love for fashion and her spontaneity regarding her sexuality, while her tendency to ignore her intuition makes her just like anybody else. She is the epitome of a strong woman, who rises above everything life throws at her, with a good heart who is willing to help out with everything she has.

The author’s descriptions of Angelina’s visions, astral projections and time travels are very educative especially for those who are totally unfamiliar with these phenomena. Her warnings regarding the use of mystical powers without proper training speak of her utter respect for these powers while the inclusion of negative encounters with other mystical beings is a responsible gesture to remind other soul practitioners to be always on their guard.

However, though this is a very interesting, informative and enlightening book, skeptical readers may find the subject inconceivable and the book itself may not be taken seriously. 

I, therefore, rate this book 4 out of 4 stars. I enjoyed it a lot. I love the stories Angelina shares. They are very interesting, informative and quite entertaining. The book is well written and easy to read and I recommend it to readers who believe in religious mysticism. Some topics, however, may be too profound for young readers.

Chakaura: Awakening the Muse
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