“Michèle, I just started reading your book…You said it has a life of its own; goodness the vibratins are huge! (and huge is not the word for it…c’est immense!) I’m only at the beginning and I have all sorts of feelings and I’m leaving my body. Wow Michèle, I don’t know what to say. A ‘mabrouk’ came to me; it is arabic for congradulations and most of all a blessing for this. Thank you!”

~ Safia ( student, January 2017 )

” I knew that book was an initiator! I am experiencing feelings and impressions that I haven’t felt since I was a child that I was not conscious of….I mean they were familiar feelings and I couldn’t tap into them anymore until now. I knew that behind the stories and the words that carry teachings, there was something encoded. Again words cannot reach what I mean, what my mind is touching!”



“I am almost finished your book.

As I am reading, I see the words playing out like a movie ?

The book is very interesting and now that I am almost done this one I hope your busy on number two….

Thanks for the insight; take care xoxo.”  Amy! (client & friend)