Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL  Clinic 

The Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL clinic has various services it offers to address a wide variety of needs.

 Chakaura™ specializes in Naturopathic CARE  which blends a modern scientific approach with traditional and natural forms of medicine.  

At Chakaura, we support all other forms of treatment such as allopathic therapies, other alternative treatments as well as seld-care programs.

Examples of these would be helping an individual deal with the debilitating side effects associated with common treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation,diabetes, depression as well as nutritional coaching for diabetics or obesity issues,as well as helping a person manage the side effects of pharmaceuticals and lifetsyle changes needed for integral health.

WE truly believe in harmony and cooperation when it comes to a person’s well-being.


One of our GOALs is also to Educate

The Chakaura™ philosophy is to educate and introduce to its clients to practices of natural lifestyle as well as understanding the importance of ‘energy’ as a primal integral source of life and our experiences.


A Chakaura™ Practitioner will look at all your symptoms at all levels of your being – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical and from that wholeness view determine which course of action will best serve you in attaining your health & lifestyle goals.




Bring about a deeper sense of wellbeing with Naturopathic Energy Support

A Chakaura™ Practitioner supports & guides you in recognizing, releasing and managing internal and external toxins that can create ill health. We educate you about healthy lifestyle practices and positive attitudes enabling you to embrace happiness.

At Chakaura™, we use various natural healing tools & practices of natural medicine to encourage your optimal wellbeing. Holistic modalities including knowledge of higher alchemy are combined with a personalized guidance systems to fulfill your needs and to optimize your health.

The Chakaura way of natural healing works with your body’s own healing powers to bring about health and well being. We treat you as an individual, not as a collection of disease labels.


Our Services

Chakaura™Clinical Services

  1. Evaluations & Consultations
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle
  • Daily Supplementation Specialists
  • Micronutrient Supplementation
  • Alternative remedies & Homeopathic Support
  • Energy levels & Energy Body Health 

    Through consultation, Chakaura™ therapies, nutrition, relaxation &  exercises targeted to your needs, energy blockages that may have been keeping you from feeling vibrant & happy will begin to dissolve, moving you towards you’re a happier you. Once your energy flows, your body can heal itself more easily.

    In the end, its all about energy!  At Chakaura™, we are the experts in Naturopathic medicine and Energy combined being the basis for health & happiness, supporting, optimizing and enhancing all other natural and conventional healing methods. Our goal is to restore the healthy flow of vital energy throughout the entire body. Energy pathways convey vitality and nutrients to the organs and body systems for proper functioning; ill health can be described as first & foremost a deficiency in vital energy flow which of course then weakens the cells inviting disease and sickness.

  • Chakaura Health (aura/chakra)
  •  Soul Health, Lifepath Guidance


2. Chakaura™ Therapies

  • Polarity Therapy ~ Keep the important elements of your body balanced for Perfect Health.
  • Chakaura™ Structural Balancing 
  • Harmonisation Therapy
  • Reflexology Therapy
  • AROMA Massage Therapy



Chakaura Practitioners are ‘SOUL SPECIALIST’

Your SOULHEALTH is Everything!

Chakaura™ is  the: 

Science of Transformation!   

 Science of Health!    

Science of Spirituality



Chakaura™ is the world specialist in Soul Health.  We offer services and teach a full integral Soul Health program so you may live the life you wish.

For health to be fully present , the Soul body must be fully aligned with the physical body. This is a science few are aware of that Chakaura™ Institute specializes in. 

 This is the level of the human experience that still remains a mystery to our allopathic medical system and is why healing results can be so limited. At Chakaura™, we believe the conventional allopathic and traditional & modern holisitic medicines  and therapies, must work as one single system for Perfect health to be create. This includes and begins with a person’s SOULHEALTH; the source of healing energy.


Chakaura™ offers that extra support to maximise your healing & health potential by aligning you fully with your healing source of energy, your inate self healing ability through the Chakaura body.




The SoulBody is  the source of your self healing energy. It is LIFE!


 If you are not fully aligned BODY/MIND/ SOUL/SPIRIT, you are cut off from parts of crucial energies that everyone needs to be healthy & happy.







 Success in healing, being healthy, creating a project close to your heart, accessing your full potential in all endeavors begins at our Source; our SOUL. 


 A Chakaura™ Soulhealth Alignment (Chakaura-Structural-Balancing Therapy™) is about fully aligning yourself with your MUSE: your creative force responsible for healing, health, creativity and LIFE! YOUR SOUL!!!