Chakaura Initiate Program


 This training is structured in a way that you also graduate with an accredited & certified training.

 You come to know you cannot separate the daily human experience from  healing & MAINTAINING HEALTH.


 Chakaura™ Intensive

 Self-Development & Proffesional

 Naturopathic-Energy Training



Begins October 21 & 22 Weekend

 Runs every second weekend from October 2017 to May 2018




 In the Chakaura™ Advanced  NEP Training Program, gradually, a conscious relationship with your inner world evolves.

 Chakaura is committed to helping a new generation of people become properly trained to offer family and community a balanced holistic & allopathic approach to their health & lifestyle needs.

 Our world is in desperate need of well-educated Naturopathic energy individuals. This course is the only one of its kind!




 A person’s personal daily life becomes positively transformed and empowered as a bi-product of this program as you begin to understand how your life is being created from behind the scenes of your invisible inner world.

This training is focused on how to recognize & will develop your own natural and inherent gifts. This training is a transformational path that benefits all. The training is a combination of gathering information with our left-brains – we describe as learning the Scence of Transformation & Spirituality as you learn to tune in to the inherent intelligence of your hearts, intuition, and creative energy; your muse.  




 The Chakaura™ programs teach you ways to support deeper fulfilling relationships with yourself, with others and your environment by learning the language of your intuitive nature.

  IT increases your awareness and connection to the subtle energies of your inner world that are operating in your life. The techniques and practices the training teaches you helps you begin to consciously work with your innate subtle senses in an empowering way on a daily basis.

 As our healthcare systems become increasingly stressed, and the awareness of our culture improves, we are increasingly in need of more properly trained holistic health professionals and homecare trained individuals to meet our needs.


 This course is bilingual.

Some of the Training Content

(please inquire for complete curriculum)

  • Decoding and understanding your perceptions and developing your more subtle sensory capacities.

  • Recognition, reception and management of the various types of energies governing vitality and general health.

  • Meditation, mindfulness and stress relieving techniques for yourself and others.

  • Understanding the science of transformation and techniques to support its development.

  • An in-depth study of the 5 body elements of life for health and self-realisation.

  • Application of various modules, techniques and practices to reinstate balance and support healthy lifestyles.

  • Codes of ethics, and the protocols surrounding behaviors, therapy & Naturotherapy. (Unique to  the Chakaura Programs)

  • Spirituality as a science; support systems and interviewing techniques.

  • Energy bindings, cords or limitations such as mental programming’s. How they are created, how they affect you and how to manage them.

  • An  in-debt study of the energetic anatomy and functions of the physical body including the chakras and the anatomy of the Soul.  How they are related and function together as one unit and how this relates to health and happiness.

  • Therapeutic application of many techniques as well as safe and proper therapeutic settings and procedures..

  • Training in numerous therapies as well as natural tools to support health.


Chakaura™ Polarity, reflexology, accupressure, kinesiology, Emotional release techniques, Mind programming release techniques, Physical, emotional, mental & SOUL anatomy, metamedicine anatomy & symbolism, History of healing, mysticism, metaphysics, The elements in health & manifestation, developing Intuition, The Scared, Higher Worlds, Ceremony, etc.

OTHER Modalities: gemstone therapy, herbology, homeopathy, aromatherapy,SHAMANISM, Dowsing, Native American Studies, etc.

How to balance allopathic and holistic medicine.

Special to us: Chakaura™ grounding and protocols of person-to-person interaction, energy bindings (how to recognize and manage these so you do not get drained of your energy); Chakaura™ Energy Therapy, Chakaura™ Balancing therapy, Chakaura™ Harmonisation Therapy,