Drum Making Workshop Bilingual with Jacques Nadon

Saturday, January 13th, 2018



The drums are created in deer, moose or bison skins and are collected either during sacred hunts or local farms.

 The pelts are collected in a ritual with the greatest respect of the animals sacred life. 

 The circle of wood is either in cedra, maple or beech and created by hand. These frames range insize from 12″ to 24″.


The drum price of the workshop is for a 14″ drum x 3″ thick.

 The drum size quoted is 13″. Larger sizes are available at an added cost. Please inquire.

 Add $30 for a 16″ drum and $50 for an 18″ drum.

Pot luck lunch will be served.

TIME: Begins at 9am to 6pm and may even go a bit later so be flexible please.

 PLACE: Chakaura Institute of Soul in Hawkesbury, ON




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