Chakaura’s Self-Development Short Term Courses & Long Term Trainings

Whether you enroll in the Michèle’s programs for personal transformation and/or self-healing, or to become a professional in Naturopathic Energy modalities, or to integrate healing modalities into your current profession, the Chakaura™ Institute of SOUL offers you programs that can empower your life in unimaginable ways. We Guarantee it!

The Good stuff in Life ~ It’s all about Frequency Ranges!


Learn techniques and gain unusual knowledge that will help you raise your energy frequencies so you may rise above the lower frequencies where heavy negative experiences or feelings exist that no longer serve your life purpose.

Higher frequency ranges is where all the good stuff is like health, happiness, the energy to create success, clear thoughts, control of our emotions, and more…Access more easily these higher dimensions of energy where your inner self; your intuition, your soul body are found. A side effect of taking Chakaura’s programs is you will develop a higher awareness of the going on’s around and in you as a result of Michèle’s  Chakaura™ programs. 


We Suggest You Begin Your Journey with us with….


 COURSE: A Journey of Self-Discovery

                                (8 modules that will change your life for the better)

Chakaura™: Mastering Your Inner world, your Subtle Energies, your Intuition, your Empathy, your mind and more… 

Learn the laws & the science governing your inner & outer world; the sciences of your

Body, Mind & Spirit body, Your Soul.

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Chakaura’s™ Introductory Courses  ~ “A Journey of Self-Discovery Course Series.




The Journey with Chakaura™ continues with… NEP


Master Your Energy System ~ Chakaura™ NEP Training

Learn how you are an ‘energy being’ and how to recognize all the subtle parts and experiences that create who you

are and learn to recognize how you are responsile for creating your life experiences.

Learn tools to master and manage your Empathy, Intuition, and how to bring your energy levels up or down depending on your needs, how self-healing works, how to master your mind & thoughts, your emotions and become aware of the dimension of your Soul.


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    Michèle’s Latest Program 



For Artist, the Creative Individual, Public Figures (Singer, actor, musician, comedian, entertainer, etc.)

Are you a singer, a musician, a writer, a composer, an actor, a painter, a comedian, a daner or simply a very creative person?

Do you sometimes suffer from mood swings, depression, anxiety? Maybe you have been diagnosed Bipolar? (By the way, Bipolar Syndrome as well as the nervous system afflictions named above are but a few of many caused simply by a mismanaged Muse energy. Come & learn all about this with Michèle.)

Do you experience creative blocks and not know how to get ‘unstuck?”

Are you on a deadline and your muse, that inner genie of inspiration imply slumbers & refuses to surface? You simply can’t get those creative juices going?

If so, chances are you are often a victim to the whim & fancy of your creative force; your inspiration, the source of your ideas and the secret energy behind all Great Works; your muse!

 Popularity & being on stage can be very demamnding on one’s energy and to be successful and not fall prey to sensory numbing products can be a challenge.  Learn techniques to maintain safe boundaries bewteen your audience and you.

Learn how to manage the draining cords that can be created in this type of exposure. Do not let public life get you down!

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